Children’s Circle Montessori School offers a complete Montessori Program with extensive Montessori Curriculum.

Practical Life

Practical Life will help children gain control in the coordination of their movements, and assist them to gain independence and adapt to their environment. Practical Life activities also assists in the growth and development of children’s intellect and concentration & will in turn also help children develop an orderly way of thinking.


Sensorial work is for children to acquire clear, conscious information and to be able to then make classifications in their environment. Through their senses, children study their environment. Through this study, children then begin to understand their environment.


Arithmetic is the science of computing using positive real numbers. Children specifically use the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The activities of the Montessori classroom also present sensorial experiences in geometry and algebra.


Language is the construction of symbols with a universal understanding that is used throughout the world. Language is our communication whether we use our mother tongue or use other ways of communicating like sign language, music or verbal instruction. Language is the expression of life.
The French language will be a component of the Language curriculum.

Culture Subjects (Geography, History, Zoology, Botany, and Science)

The Montessori environment includes materials and resources to learn cultural subjects, such as geography (maps, globes, cultural differences, and science, such as biology in naming and organizing plants and animals).

Creative Art & Music

Children learn to express creativity through Arts and Crafts and Music. They also exercise fine motor skills developed by way of Practical Life materials.Musical training can improve problem-solving skills, physical coordination, poise, concentration, memory, visual, aural and language skills and self discipline. It fosters self confidence and improves the ability to learn. The Montessori environment will include learning with many musical instruments such as piano, bells, tone blocks and various other rhythm instruments.

Each full-time Casa student will receive a private piano lesson per week as part of their enrollment.

Fundamentals of Fitness

The preparation of motor skills may be seen in the exercise “walk on the line” through which children acquire the perfect sense of balance. At the same time they learn to control movements of their hands and feet.Children will also learn the fundamentals of fitness, sportsmanship and team-work through various other sports and activities.


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